Expecting the unexpected | Virginia Beach Maternity Photography

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When I found out that my friend Ryan was having a baby I almost didn’t believe it. To think that one of my good buddies it taking the huge step into parenthood I was excited for him. I always have loved little children, it’s when they become teens that I can’t handle so much. To know that such an awesome couple have joined a path that will take them where nobody will expect is an awesome thought. It will have it’s up’s and down’s but knowing that they will be shaping the future of this little child is an amazing thing to me.

Being a parent isn’t something that you truly prepare for, you just put your best foot forward and keep your head high. I hope for the best to Katharina and Ryan as they prepare for the best thing that could happen to them. This will in turn cause them to mature faster than they ever have before and realize just how fast time really does zoom by us. So while your hear on earth, make it a good time and make the best of what you have everyday because you are blessed.

So they decided to share the gender with you all and as you may know IT’S A GIRL! And boy am I excited to hold the little cuttle bug. With that being said I hope you enjoy there photographs as much as we did.

Congrats you two! You did it! Now enjoy it while you can.

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