Clifton Forge Wedding Photographer | Wedding In The Mountains

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We began in a small town called Clifton Forge in the mountains of Virginia. The weather was setting up to be perfect. It seemed that this shall be the perfect day for the couple Nicole and Jeremy to get married. As the bridesmaids are putting the final touches on the jewelery the men are getting dressed across the church upstairs. The whole family is buzzing with excitement to see these too walk down the isle together.

The time was 4:00pm and the church doors swing open to reveal a bright flood of light bursting in on the pews of the church. The bride has arrived and the time is now. She walked gracefully down the middle of the church to meet her groom who waited with a big smile for her. The silence in the air brings about a peaceful time to think of all the wonderful things that brings these two together with family’s at their sides.

After the announcement of the bride and groom they then retreated to their country club where the family anxiously anticipated their arrival. Soon after the initial party kicked off and everyone was introduced, we took the bride and groom for a quick walk on the mountain to capture the true love story that was unfolding. To capture these two in the peace and quite of their own two whispers was amazing. The bridal party was soon after asked to jump into the mix and create some real laughter to evoke the emotions that would naturally arise out of the group. It worked out perfectly and the whole party was able to get some really unique and amazing photographs.

The party resumed and as the old saying goes….. “The rest is history”

Nicole and Jeremy, I wish you too the best of luck in all the paths your choose. Thank you for inviting me to your wedding, I will remember it for a long time to come.


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