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When you think Virginia Beach Wedding Photographers you might not think about the small town of Zuni, VA. That is where this blog post takes place. The most beautiful outdoor wedding with a large Willow tree centered behind the alter. The bride and groom where fabulous and couldn’t have pick a better place. The weather was hot and sunny. The clouds stretched across the wide open sky that laid in the background of fields. With that single enormous willow tree in the background of the altar the stage was set for one amazing wedding. The horses off in the distant grass wandered peacefully as the breeze blew gently.  The sight of the small quite lake was a nice view just outside of the very tall white tent that stand next to it. All of the guests were ready as the parents took there seats. The bride was as beautiful as ever and her smile showed how pretty she felt.  So with a kiss and a slow walk away it was time for life as a married couple to begin. These photographs will be forever remembered as the day Bobby and Jennifer got married and will be a lasting impression on all those who attended. The party went on to be an amazing day to remember.  I hope for the best future for this bride and groom. Thank you for letting me capture your wedding dreams and make your amazing day just that much more enjoyable to remember. -Jason



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